20 reasons to own less stuff

. 20 reasons to own less stuff   1. Less stress – scientific studies have shown that too much clutter raises our stress levels and distracts us! 2. More space – when you only have what you need, love or adds value to your life, there’s less random clutter taking… Continue reading »

quick tips #002 – furniture hack

Quick Tips

  Smooth Running Drawers & Doors Candle wax is useful on any piece of woodwork liable to friction when you open and close it, especially on tracks and around edges that rub together. Drawers that do not slide easily, doors that jam etc can often be made to move smoothly… Continue reading »

quick tips #001

Quick Tips

oOo   Welcome to the introduction of our new ‘series’, which will be known as: Quick Tips! Every now and then, we’ll be dropping a little ‘knowledge nuggets‘ that will hopefully either give you the confidence you need to go ahead with something you’ve been planning to do, or will introduce… Continue reading »