20 reasons to own less stuff


20 reasons to own less stuff


1. Less stress – scientific studies have shown that too much clutter raises our stress levels and distracts us!

2. More space – when you only have what you need, love or adds value to your life, there’s less random clutter taking up space.

3. More peaceful – too much stuff is visually distracting & clutters the mind.

4. Easier to find things – theres no clutter to sift through.

5. Increases productivity and efficiency – don’t waste so much of your precious time.

6. Easier to look after – quicker to tidy up, clear things away, clean and generally keep on top of, especially when you have some household routines in place.

7. Ready for visitors – your home will be easier to keep looking neat, tidy and ready if a visitor drops by unannounced.

8. Live in a smaller house – when you own less stuff you don’t need such a big home.

9. You’ll spend less – spend less on stuff that you don’t really need and shop with intention instead.

10. More focus on quality over quantity – invest wisely in quality items.

11. Encourages gratitude¬† – when we’re used to having lots, appreciate what we have already.

12. More time – a decluttered home is easier to look after which means you have more time for other things.

13. More freedom – you’re less tied to looking after your stuff.

14. Sets a great example for others – prioritise, appreciate.

15. Start living in the present – your home is for living in right now.

16. Stop comparing – live your own life rather than measuring the size of your car or the size of your wardrobe with others.

17. Contribute to good causes – give benefit to a charity you love instead of buying clutter that you end up regretting.

18. Better for the environment – stop buying stuff, there’s less packaging and less production.

19. Live intentionally – when you own less, what you do have is more important.

20. Be happier – see the difference it makes to declutter AND own less.


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