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Cleaning House
[for those who don’t have hired help]


if I can only find a cleaning system that works for me, the house will always be clean and tidy.

while I’m busy searching for the best way to do something, I’m not getting anything done.

Sometimes worrying about the ‘very best way’ to do something, keeps us from actually doing the thing.
It’s a cycle – a bad one…

All the wouldas, couldas and shouldas in the world don’t get the house clean.

You know what gets the house clean?

Cleaning it!

Methods don’t clean your house – you have to clean your house!

Here is what you have to accept:
Cleaning your house is not a ‘project’.
It’s a series of boring, mundane, repetitive tasks.
And those people whose homes seem to be clean all the time; actually do these boring, mundane, repetitive tasks.


Housework is not a one-and-done project.
Its a few blocks of time – sometimes only a couple of minutes(!!) in critical areas around your home every.single.day that is the guarantee that you won’t be spending two or three hours doing just the dishes, every weekend.

Do you have a particular way of keeping on top of the regular household chores?
Let us know below.

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