just STOP it!

Yesterday I saw a sign at the supermarket for a New Years banner that said: “Good Riddance 2020.”
Then another today that was ‘giving the finger’ to 2020 – and you know what…?
I reallllly wish everyone would stop with this sort of utter garbage.

Stop wishing for the end of 2020.

Stop rushing toward 2021.

Stop trashing the year that was, and stop hurrying toward the year that will be!

It’s almost like people think that as soon as it clicks over to 2021, somehow all the death, despair, breakups, breakdowns, lockdowns, uncertainty and chaos of 2020 will somehow be wiped out.
Will somehow cease to exist.
That all that we’ve been through in the last twelve months (especially with covid19) will be done and dusted and life will return to ‘normal’ – whatever that is!!

Life is short.
We are all given a very finite number of days on this earth – to spend with the ones we love, to do the things that bring us joy, and to feed our soul…

Nothing will change once we reach 2021.
There is no ‘fresh start’ when the clock strikes midnight tonight.

Crappy things will continue happen throughout the world regardless of what year it is, unless each and every one of us start taking a personal responsibility over the things we do have control over.

So be kind – give that idiot in the carpark a pass – smile and nod;
pick up that piece of rubbish and put it in the right bin;
try not to waste money and food;
less device more real-life.
Give yourself a break.

But most of all – please stop wishing away this one beautiful imperfect messy wonderful life…

talk to us!