book review: Down the Dirt Roads

down the dirt roads


* Title: Down the Dirt Roads
* Author: Rachael Treasure

Touted as: a powerful and moving memoir about healing, healthy food and hope by Australia’s leading rural writer and environmental entrepreneur.

I had never heard of Rachel Treasure prior to stumbling across her book ‘Down the Dirt Road’ but I’ve got to say it’s a stumble that I’m very glad happened!

Rachael built a much-treasured (no pun intended!) lifestyle in Tasmania but then suffered through the breakdown of her marriage, her subsequent ousting from the family Farm she so loved, and the ensuing loss of sense-of-self.

Having been displaced, she had little more that her two small children and her dogs.
Even her family-heirloom cooking utensils were still back at her old home!

Rachael went back to basics, learning, listening, healing and in time became inspired by her learning to initiate, trial – and later champion – new and better ways of doing things; particularly in the areas around farming, sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

Whilst the book does occasionally ‘bounce around’ a bit and in some places leaves you wanting to know more about certain parts of the story (which is definitely not necessarily a bad thing!), I found to be to a thoroughly delightful introduction to not only Rachaels writings, but to the person behind the name – and I do so like to feel a connection to ‘my’ authors!

Well written and told – nourishing, practical and visionary.

Once again it reminds me in a round-about-way, that even the most beautiful and dreamed-of life can turn on a dime and become overwhelming, unfulfilling, and downright heartbreaking – if we fail to live with intention.


down the dirt roads
*Not ‘chick lit’ and I believe that the story would be equally enjoyed by women and men.

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