are you happy?


Are you happy?

I believe that focusing on happiness is a futile illusion.

Instead – I believe that what we need to focus on is contentment

Happiness is – in my opinion – a fleeting emotion.
One that you feel only momentarily when something that you find pleasing happens, and it’s gone just as quickly – often before you’ve even been able to ‘see’ it or give it the label of “happiness”.

Contentment on the the hand, is a more solid less fleeting feeling, that is derived from – not a single momentary event or period of time in your life or some external source – but comes from an attitude, a peace-of-mind, and an understanding that there are many things, conditions and circumstances around and within you; and that those things are ENOUGH.

It isn’t ‘settling’!
It is a recognition that Life is pretty OK in your little sphere at this point in time and having an awareness, acknowledgment and gratitude for that.

So don’t focus on being happy – focus on contentment and happiness will follow…

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